Some Things for Moslem Boys and Girl to Contemplate at New Hijriyah 1439

Selamat Tahun Baru Hijriyah! Ahlan wa Sahlan !

I don’t know exactly what to say to you about Hijriyah anymore, but since everybody has been show the existence to congrats a happy Islamic New Year in their social media, don’t forget to do beginning and end year pray, and etc,  I have several thought to contemplate after you all read this. Hope it’s wholesome enough, because you are going to spend at least 5 minute of your lifetime. 

Our generation this time are live in the information era, which means all the information are everywhere. Everybody being part of this include us, moslem boys and girls. You know? In fashion, trend-forecasting for 2017/2018 are called Grey Zone, as the visualization from a mass, where we lost our ability to distinguish whether is right or wrong. Melting limits between Black and White, and then valuing standard redirect to the decision-maker subjectivity, which mean we as individual can make a decision that even wrong, but nobody can blame you because they say everybody has their own standard, and “I won’t criticized you, if you don’t criticized me”. Now, a warrior of the truth can be deadly blasphemed by mass. Otherwise, someone who behave like a lunatic can suddenly become a hero and adored by so many people.

We can be different of all that! As usually, people on New Year’s Eve had several resolution to do. I have some list of thing you can contemplate, so we can be much better moslem in this era. Make a list:

   1.      Do you pray on time?
   2.      Do you kind to your family already?
   3.      Do you read exactly every word on the article before you share it?
   4.      Do you reciting your Quran with the meaning?
   5.   Have you do tahajjud to pray your family and yourself ?
   6.   Have you corrected your self?
   7.      Do you listen to your Mother and Father?
  8.   What is your kind work that valuable to another person around you? have you worthwhile to another?

Every good things that we are going to do is always feels tough and difficult. It feels a lot! I knew it. Because I’m already ever in that positionJ. But we shouldn’t think or feel that. Our kindness will back to ourselves. So, it’s supposed to being part of us. I know it won’t easy at once, but as resolution we made every day, try to work for it. It’s our year! Once again, mabruk, Ahlan wa Sahlan Hijriyah! 

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