My DIY Routine Mask with Coffee, Honey and Egg White

So, here I the first time making a writing about DIY stuff! But first, I made it in English so you all, include my friend abroad can read it too. Well, the reason I making this section was, I’ve been journey a lot with skin problem since I was almost at the end of the semester of my lecture. I started to try a face wash like the other girl because I don’t want called as “noob” or kind a “newbie” in this case LOL. Then I continue it with skin treatment from one of the famous skin-clinic in Indonesia. But, it’s not going well, actually maybe because my skin is too sensitive. It was the first and the last I go to the skin-clinic. I had an inflammation and it caused a traumatic experience for me. Then I think, how to treat my skin in a healthy, economies, and cause-not-dependency?

I remembered my mother ever told me about her habit treat her skin with rice masker.  I saw her skin is having no problem until her age now. Then I started to think to make my own skincare from nature choice, and now I’m going to share a bit the skincare of nature I used mask on.

1 TBSP coffee powder or coffee ground
1 TBSP Honey
Mix all the ingredients in a small bowl. Apply to your face and spread it on the skin. Gently massage in circular motions. Wait for 15-20 minutes and the rinse it off.
This coffee honey mask is removed dead skins all over your face, so your face will always look youth because of the exfoliate work when you massage your skin.

After I mask my face with Coffee Honey mask, I continue it with Honey-Egg White mask. This masker is making your pore tightened naturally.

COFFEE HONEY MASK: For Tightened Pore
1 Egg White
½ TBSP Honey
¾ Facial Tissue or Toilet Paper
Mix all the ingredients, and apply it on your face then put a facial tissue or toilet paper to cover. Wait until 10 minute, then wash it gently. To a maximal result, you can put moisturizer.

So, that’s it! Hope you like it! Sharing is caring <3 

Dinda Hakeem.


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