Fashion & Moslem

            Sometime I think that Moslem and fashion cannot be united as one. They have a very different identity. Fashion with runaway, lights, and everything that sounds sparkling. Moslem with everything sounds idyllic, (sometimes) unexposed, and tight rules. Yeah, I agree with that kind of thinking. 

            I, sometime think of the Hadith (prophet Muhammad sayings) that said, “Allah is Beautiful, and love beauty”. So, that is a message too from Allah that as a Moslem, we cannot just left ourselves be a messy person in look with the fact that Allah command us to cover our auraat (all the body, except face and your hands). We should cover ourselves to honor ourselves, and show the best look we can ever show all day.

Credit to: Fitri Aulia for KIVITZ

So far, the development of Moslem fashion in Indonesia is growing fast on this 10 year. It’s proven from the discourse of the center of Moslem fashion is going to be on Indonesia. The fact that fashion industries in Indonesia is growing fast as the development of young designer base on Moslem look and Moslem fashion e-commerce platform that provide stylish Moslem clothing. 

The fact that many issues lately come up in the world about Moslem are negative especially on women issues should be against with another way that can be accepted all around the world. This time, Indonesia has show them up that Moslem is not as  the world speak on the table. This is included as the way we Syi’ar (endeavor) to work to the Islam Kaafah. From the designs of Moslems clothing that created by many designer, reflect on the truly Moslem is. Allah teach us that we must love beauty, because Allah HimSelf is beauty (Al-Hadith). 

Well, not only in Indonesia actually. Another Moslem country is showing the same way. It’s not true that Moslem who chooses to endeavor this way are have a liberal thinking, that we are exposes Moeslemah beauty and body. It’s a big no. Even, in fact design of Moslem clothing right now is going to be all pure fulfill Moslem clothing rules. Such as, covering chest (for women), loose-fitting, etc. the color selection and the selection of materials are more diverse, especially for the thick and lithe material that really fit for Moslem clothing rules. Cutting pattern of Moslem clothing is diverse too. We are challenged to provide unique cutting pattern, but still have loose-fitting style, and make it don’t look like the cloth will drown us into the stack of fabrics.

Though, still many controversy about this issue, we don’t give up to make this beautiful world is more beautiful by providing the beauty of clothing based on the issue of the world.

with love,
 -Dinda Hakeem- 

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